Getting Ready to Get Cooking

Are you as shocked as I am that Thanksgiving is right around the corner?! I think I planned so much in getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic that I lost track of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday. 

This has to be one of my favorite times of the year, and it’s definitely a favorite for our family as well.  It is a time of relaxation, a lot of great food and did I mention football?  At least that is what it looks like at our house.

I know this time of year can seem hectic, so the success of the “no hectic schedules” is found in the planning. 

So as I look to next week, I am making my grocery list now and will have everything gathered by the end of this week. Then, this weekend, I will be making a few dishes ahead of time to freeze. (Don’t be shy with the freezer.  My family jokes me about freezing so much, but hey, it works!)  And for those dishes that don’t freeze well, I'll work on them Tuesday and have them ready to bake on Thursday. 

I thought I would share my shopping list, our Thanksgiving menu and some recipes over the next few posts. I’ll give you my grocery list on Thursday and the recipes the next day. I’ll also be sharing some healthy versions of the traditional dishes and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Use what you like, and if you have a family favorite that is a must for your table this year, tell us about it! 

Most importantly during this time, though, I’m reminded of the importance of being thankful and of looking for ways to bless others. So I’ll be thinking of ways we can all step out to help others over the next week.

Be back in a bit!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 Responses to Getting Ready to Get Cooking

  1. Dara Singleton says:

    Awesome! I love to cook and new recipes! I need to send you Joshua’s Cuban Turkey recipe. He has made it the last couple years now, it’s delicious! Looking forward to your healthy alternatives! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. When’s the next cookbook coming out??? Love your recipes-my Body for God cookbook is getting a little raggedy!!

  3. Trina Titus Lozano says:

    This is the first year that 3 out of our four kids are married. It’s triple the fun!

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