The need in Haiti is great .  But so far, the workers, supplies, and relief are not as great. So as I've watched the situation unfold over the last several weeks, I've been asking myself, "What are we to do?" The answer is very clear. 

Hope4Haiti Relief

The Church should be, and I believe IS, the hands and feet of Jesus. So as we look to that need, make today the day that you will be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

I encourage you to go out today and buy some of the much needed supplies. You can drop them off at any Fellowship Church location.

I am going to shop today for these things and make a run to the church.  Join our family in helping to feed the need.

I am hearing stories from that devastated country that will absolutely break your heart. But together, we can help to bring hope to theirs.

We have the means. We have the method. Now all we need is YOU!

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One Response to Hope4Haiti

  1. Lana Adams says:

    I went to Big Lots and cleaned out the selves. Let me just say the joy of giving is better then any Neiman Marcus sale. What are we willing to give up this month for Haiti?
    GOD has asked us to bind up the brokenhearted. Whatever we do for Haiti, we also do for HIM. It is time we stand firm and put into action what HE is calling us to do.
    I would love to keep commenting but I just remembered there is more than one Big Lots. You can go on saturday when they are stocking and the supplies are still in the boxes. I call Highland village store. Let’s go ladies!!!!

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