Running to Follow

It’s finally here – Fellowship Creative’s brand new album, “Running to Follow“! This album has been a labor of love for our team and a pursuit of passion to introduce people to Jesus.

Make sure you download it today, review it, and then help spread the word about what God is doing here at Fellowship Church!

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That Thing We Do

Our FC Creative team did an amazing job on the recap of one of Ed’s recent messages from “That Thing We Do“!

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Sexperiment Bed-in Recap!

This past Friday, Ed and I took part in the Sexperiment 24 hour bed-in. In case you missed it, here’s the recap! And for more, including interviews with key leaders, log on to!

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Getting Back to the Truth about Sex. (an excerpt from “Sexperiment”)

In less than a week, our newest book Sexperiment will begin to strengthen marriages, repair families and  ultimately change the way people see the connection between God and sex. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find in our upcoming book.

Sex. For such a small word, it has an enormous influence on our lives. From the time we’re very young, sex is something we hear about, talk about, and think about—whether it’s in a healthy way or not. It’s in our music. It’s in our movies, television programs, magazines, and books. Conventional wisdom in the advertising industry is “sex sells.” If they want to sell a product, from shampoo to automobiles, they do all they can to get us to believe it will make us be more sexy, or get more sex. Yet, no matter what we may think we know about sex, so many people don’t understand the full effect it was designed to have.

The Sexperiment is a challenge that was created to help you and your spouse reconnect with what sex is supposed to be. The premise of the challenge is simple and clear: Have sex with your spouse once a day for seven consecutive days. It may not seem like a lot on its surface, but the implications of having sex for a week, as you will discover in reading this book, are much more intricate and will produce long-lasting results. For one week of your life, if you decide to take it on and get it on, the Sexperiment is designed to help you realize just how much sexual intimacy can do for your marriage.

This is just the beginning of a week that could revolutionize your marriage! Make sure you start today!

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A Moment in Time

From Ed and me to all of you…hope to see you this weekend or next!

Christmas cards, like our family’s this year, are interesting. Essentially, each photo is a single moment captured in time. But behind each picture is a wide range of circumstances; there’s a story to be told.

As we approach Christmas, we take time to celebrate that moment when God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth. But it doesn’t end there. Behind that moment is a vast array of circumstances; it’s the greatest story ever told!

This Christmas, we invite you to celebrate with us during
one of our many experiences at Fellowship Church.

And together, let’s capture the true meaning of Christmas as we allow Christmas to capture us!

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Guess who’s coming to THE HOUSE?!

Lace up your shoes and RUN TO THE HOUSE!

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Flavour Sisters…and Mustaches?!

Flavour Sisters, get your man and his mustache to 2011 Fellowship Church’s Men’s Conference!


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Get Ready to Swim with the Sharks!

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Flavour Conference 2012 – A Look Ahead!

Ladies – if you were at Flavour Conference 2011, then you know how powerful this time will be! And for those of you who missed it in 2011, don’t miss your chance to experience it in 2012!

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Marriage, Family and Ministry – A “How To” (And Not To)

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Armed and Dangerous Retreat, hosted by sweet friends Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson. It was a fabulous time of connecting, sharing and learning from some great women in ministry!

At one point, I was part of a Q&A session where I was asked several questions that brought the reality of day-to-day life as a pastor’s wife to the forefront of the discussion.

One of the biggest questions I was asked was …

How do you get your children to love the ministry?
This is such a crucial issue as a pastor’s wife, because I believe we play a major role in how our children view the church. It comes down to this: so goes my attitude (and Ed’s) towards ministry, so goes our children’s attitude towards ministry.

Ed teaches leaders that the ministry is “brutiful” – that there’s a beautiful side and a brutal side to it. That’s so, so true. As a pastor’s wife (and Ed as a pastor), our job is to protect our children as much as we can from the brutal side of it and to show them the beautiful, life-changing, miraculous aspects of ministry.

Some of the other questions I was asked at the Armed and Dangerous Retreat were:

  • How do you handle criticism?
  • What do you do if there is a moral issue to deal with?
  • How do you balance family and ministry day-to-day?

Tomorrow, at 12:00 pm CST, Ed and I will be taking part in a live webinar where we’ll look at these questions and more.

I truly believe this is a time when we can learn from each other and open up about some of the tough to handle issues we all deal with in life. I hope you’ll join us for this live session. I can’t wait to answer your questions!

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